Dr. Tish Chungoora

Knowledge Modelling Specialist

Family and friends have always told me that I could be good at teaching, so I thought "okay, let's put that to the test!" We've now stepped into an age of digital knowledge revolution and, indeed, I wouldn't want to miss out that big party! Contributing to knowledge sharing is an awesome achievement because knowledge is a powerful asset that stands the test of time.

Seeing a student sign up for my course is a great honour and for those of you who've registered, I'd like to thank you so much for doing so. It's a real privilege to have you join me in what I hope you'll find an enjoyable learning experience.

What makes me tick...

A passion for understanding how things work and teach how things work.

My background and experience in a nutshell…

I'm a seasoned technology professional with a wealth of experience in business analysis, product management, information & knowledge management, technical publications and applied ontology. I've served in key roles for high-technology enterprises and I'm an expert in the field of knowledge modelling. My innovative works in the area of knowledge modelling, system interoperability and manufacturing engineering have featured in over a dozen articles published in leading journals and conferences. I have a Ph.D. in Applied Ontology and graduated with distinction in Product Design Engineering.

What I do in my spare time…

I really enjoy the company of family and friends, as well as playing the guitar and attending gigs. I'm also well into running and taking long walks with my incredibly supportive wife, Luisa. On a quiet weekend, you'll find me chilling on the settee watching action and science fiction movies or, otherwise, in the kitchen making sushi or some other mouth-wateringly good dish.

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