Tina Kim

Comedienne, Founder of I've Dated, indoor cycling coach

Hello folks, I'm a comedienne, Founder of I've Dated and the creator of How to Teach The Greatest Indoor Cycling class.

I've been teaching indoor cycling for more than ten years. It's my passion and I love teaching it even more.

I've taken numerous cycling classes through the decades and found it challenging to find a class where the instructor continuously changes the music (LIVE) while cuing us on roads. They would just play a canned playlist. Thus, I decided to teach and students always say, wow you're the first teacher that ever changes the music with every change we do, your music is amazing, your class is always different every time, I've never had an instructor push me so hard.

I've taken so many BAD cycling classes it's a shame. Why do instructors still use playlists? That's what makes it a set in stone ride, it's fine every now and then but seriously MIX IT UP! Teachers playing the same playlists and having that playlist dictate their ride is "BORING" it's not a live ride. "It's a CANNED RIDE" As an instructor you can't divert from that playlist. Yes I know some of you will disagree and say I teach great classes and make different playlists. However it's still a canned ride and not "LIVE."

Try teaching a live class. It's COMPLETELY different and your students will be AMAZED. Teaching a live ride however might be challenging for people who are stuck to a regimen but trust me you can do it. Don't be scurred.

THIS IS THE ONLY CYCLING COURSE that actually shows you HOW TO TEACH and NOT USE PLAYLISTS. I can't stress this enough. Playlists are not the way to go. Cycling programs want you to do use playlists so they can make more MONEY off of you. It's a game for them, don't give in.

IF they actually taught what I taught, they'd be out of business.

ALSO if you've been teaching for years, then you know your songs so there's no need for you to stick to a playlist anymore. Don't you want to be able to be flexible while you teach? You can plan for any ride and use your songs to match it instantly.

Teaching indoor cycling is not rocket science as they'd want you to believe. It's about roads, cues, time, energy, charisma and matching the songs to your chosen road. NOT picking songs that don't fit and just riding. URGH that is a big pet peeve of mine.

I created this course so that you'll be able to have the knowledge to teach numerous rides and change the course with your music and have your students loving you. You can plan a ride at the beginning of class and change it based on your rider's energy level. Teaching indoor cycling is all about picking your road and how long you'll do it and then grabbing songs to match what you decided to do. That's it, it's really simple. Yet they don't teach you that.

My course is for instructors who want to go the extra mile and not play a playlist of songs back to back. You will be dictating the road and changing the songs within hill folders. YOU ARE THE BOSS OF THE RIDE, not your playlist of 10 songs.

You get two Skype or Google Hangout sessions with me after purchasing my course.

Feel free to contact me with any questions and I'll be happy to answer you.

Side note -----

My dream would be that indoor cycling teachers can teach like me so that they'll never have to stay up at nights making playlists or trying to find songs. It's all about adding songs that match your folders and then picking from there and being a multitask teacher, not an AUTOPILOT teacher riding to a set in stone playlist.

Maybe it's my background of doing stand up comedy. Teaching a class, there's real people, so you want to be able to teach a class that's flexible, just like stand up. I don't go on stage with a memorized monologue. Just like when you teach cycling you are there with the students vibing off of them. At the beginning of class you can say let's start with a 15 minute warm (5 min warm up road then we will continue up a hill) up to the top of a hill and recover and during the recovery that we can decide what we want to do next. It's so easy b/c you have enough songs in each folder to teach any road. For example I can say let's do a 30 sec sprint but the class might say no we want to do 35 seconds, then I say yes, we can do that. Teaching a "LIVE" ride is the best for you and the students.

I show you how to do all of that and more in my course.

I find it hilarious when I see instructors saying they're looking for short songs or 30 second sprint songs. It's totally unnecessary. If you have 20 sprint songs in your sprint folder you can stop those songs at any duration while you teach and go to another song. DUH???? Yet no course teaches you that. Seems like certifications, phone apps, music players, etc don't want you to have this information, it's almost like a secret and I'm telling you, don't give in!!!!!


Here's some other stuff about me :)

”Hilarious. Everyone can relate to her.” – CNN

"She's funny, feisty and original" -- The List

”The world is a stage for Tina’ – The Boston Herald.

"The one to watch"- The Boston Globe

“Go Tonight” – The Boston Globe

“Fresh… pick of the week” -- The San Francisco Chronicle

Stand up comic Tina Kim is a former television news reporter who started her comedy career in New York City. Tina has sold out her own shows in Chicago, New York, Boston, Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Seattle. The Boston Globe says, “Go tonight”, The San Francisco Chronicle says, “She’s Fresh!” Tina blends her humor with stories about growing up in America, her wacky family, dating and so much more. She has been featured on NBC’s Last Comic Standing, VH-1’s Super Secret Movie Rules, The Insider and CNN.

Tina performs regularly for clubs across the country, colleges (Harvard, Princeton, Stanford, Tufts), and corporate events (Boeing, Citibank, Boys and Girls Club of America). Her comedy is for everyone. Come and see why everyone is raving about. Say you saw her when.

Tina has appeared on: MTV, TRL, VH-1, NBC’s Last Comic Standing Season one, CNN, KCPQ-13, CNBC, FOX NEWS, REUTERS, Chicago Tribune, Seattle Times, The Boston Glove, The Boston Herald, and CNN International.

Tina’s comedy club headlining performances include: Boston Comedy Club, Catch a Rising Star, Comedy Connection, Giggles, New York Comedy Club, Pepperbelly’s, Nick’s Comedy Stop, Hong Kong, Comedy Vault, Laugh Factory, Hollywood Improv and The Ice House Comedy Club.

Tina’s corporate events include: Asian Counseling Referral Service, Boeing, Bloomberg, Asian American Journalist Association, National Association of College Activities, Harvard Law Review, The Cable Advertising awards banquet, Women in Business, 21st Century Women’s Leadership Conference, Narcotics Anonymous annual meeting and the Washington State Leadership conference, California’s Women’s Law Center, The Geena Davis Institute on Gender Media and Starbucks.

Tina’s college appearances include: Harvard, Princeton, Stanford, New York University, Hartford, Shoreline Community College, Minnesota State University, Columbia University, Boston University, Tufts, Rutgers, Washington State University and Loyola.

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