Thomas Richards

Oil Investing, Amazon Selling, Internet Expert

Business Owner, entrepreneur and Amazon expert. I have been investing in stocks and shares since about the age of 14 becoming a business owner at 22 and getting into investing into property, building up a property portfolio. Building Amazon businesses and marketing on the Internet along the way. All the money being made from these various sources being invested in more education for myself and growing my online businesses. All throughout this time I continued investing in stocks and shares and commodities, learning options, currencies and commodities. Learned a simple yet extremely effective strategy from professional commodities and options traders in silver and gold and used this for several years including using it in oil which is my favourite and takes the least amount of time of anything I've ever done, the strategy takes around 1 hour a month. I continue to use the strategy to this day and find it the easiest, best strategy with returns of around 1%-3% a month averaged out. I want to share this knowledge as it is how the big institutions have the 'edge' over the 'little guy' investors and everyone should know this. 20 years experience in investing in stocks and shares, commodities and options.

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