Terry Jarrell

Apple expert, instructor & founder at Max Your Macs LLC

I established Max Your Macs LLC consulting and education services back in 2004 to help Mac users learn to get the most from their computers. With the introduction of iPhone, iPad and iCloud, I have grown my list of courses to cover all of the latest facets of the quickly changing tech climate and bring a friendly and productive resource to my students and clients. I have created and taught for University of North Florida, Apple Stores, Mac users groups, corporate teams, Adobe InDesign users groups and many other environments. Whether one-on-one, professional groups or classroom settings, learning the best ways to use your Apple devices will ensure maximum productivity and enjoyment.

In addition to teaching and consulting, I have also been a contributing writer for numerous online news sources, newspapers and currently I am App and Product Reviewer for iBusiness Magazine. Recently, I have also become a Rocket Matter Certified Expert. Rocket Matter is an industry leading law practice software for legal professionals. I also provide Florida Bar CLE accredited education for legal professionals on the best ways to set up and work in a digital office and use their iPad most effectively out of the office.

Client comments:

"If you are on this site, you are a Mac person. And so you have been to Apple's Genius Bar. Right? Terry and Max your Macs are the Genius Bar times 10. Terry always knows how to fix what is broken, be it software or hardware. And if he can’t fix it, he will tell you, and then find a way to get it fixed. We have been working with Terry since 2008. You won’t find a more professional or conscientious person to help you through whatever crisis you are having. And on top of that, he can teach you about all the new stuff that is going on with Apple. Terry knows the importance of treating his customers with dignity, and a sense of humor. There is nothing worse than having a computer get the best of you, and Terry knows how to make it better."

Jeffrey Blydenburgh, Architect

"Terry is extremely knowledgeable and has a genuine passion for the design and history of Apple computers. He is a Mac problem-solving wizard - no matter what challenges I present him with, he is always able to figure something out that works for my business. I have worked with Terry for years and am always amazed at how knowledgeable he is, and how easy he makes it to understand the technology and systems he sets up. He is incredibly trust-worthy and a really nice person, I highly recommend Max Your Macs."

Adele Merlo, Graphic Design

"I cannot thank Terry enough for all his assistance over the years. I have called him panicked over lost data and dying hard drives. Terry has saved the day more than once with my Mac!"

Kristia Knowles, Photographer

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