Terri Armenta, MSFS

Udemy Instructor+University Professor+Forensic Career Coach

Your Success is My Goal. I've been teaching for over 15 years, specifically in Forensic Science, Criminal Investigations, Criminal Justice courses, as well as being a career mentor. During this time I've been an adjunct professor for several local colleges, a guest lecturer for a major organization, and have had the pleasure of teaching students of various ages and backgrounds.

What Do You Want to Learn?

Would you like to learn how to start a forensic career?

Are you wondering how to investigate a crime scene?

Wondering how to start networking with (forensic) professionals?

Looking for ways in how to market your resume?

Wondering how to create and develop a professional portfolio?

Looking for courses to help you train in becoming a forensic professional?

As a credentialed teacher, I've had my students investigate mock crime scenes, created a hands-on forensic training curriculum for both high school and college students, introduced forensic techniques via hands-on training laboratory activities, facilitated career seminars, and sponsored student involvement in professional workshops.

In addition, I created a niche of providing guidance to students by developing on-site career training courses, providing guides of how students can market their resumes and find internships, advising students the pros/cons of social media in marketing their career, and teaching the #1 secret to getting noticed on LinkedIn (believe it or not, many students still don't use LinkedIn for career creation or career advancement).

Several years ago, I realized the need of continued training for students interested in starting a career in forensic science, thus I founded Forensic Training Unlimited LLC (FTU), which is located in Southern California. FTU offers hands-on training, workshops, seminars, and online training courses specifically designed for students who want a career as a forensic professional. Currently, many of my former students are now working as Crime Scene Investigators, Death Investigators, Private Investigator, Forensic Nurses, Forensic Technicians, Autopsy Attendants, Fingerprint Specialists, and in various law enforcement positions.

I have several POST (Peace Officers Standards of Training) certificates, have trained with the Los Angeles County Coroner, Orange County (CA) Sheriff Department, and hold professional memberships in Southern California Association of Fingerprint Officers, International Association for Identification, Latino Peace Officers Association, and the California State Division of the International Association of Identification. Lastly, I have a MS in Forensic Investigations.

I am passionate about bringing students closer to their forensic career goals and I'm proud to be considered a career mentor to students--of any age.

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