Tayfun Türkalp

Management Consultant

In 1979 he graduated from ODTU Business Administration. From 1984 until 1994, he worked as Marketing and Sales Director in NCR IT systems. He lead the NCR Dealer channel. Tayfun Türkalp, who develops business with 50 channel entrepreneurs and enlarged them as a solution partner and service partner, formed the Alcatel GSM channel in 1997 and established the enterprise channel structure for the special communication systems in addition to this niche market which was established in a short time. It has been the number one in the digital powerhouse market for two consecutive years, winning the LAMEA region championship at the same time, working directly with the sales team in line with lead development and solution partner structure. With the market shrinking and the transition to Alcatel's multi-channel strategy, Alcatel e-Commerce was established and Tayfun Türkalp, become General Manager, than he tarnsferred as General Manager of Borusan Bilişim. With the fact that Borusan Bilişim was also an Alcatel Distributor, Pbx Systems has created a new channel structure for sales. Polycom Video Conferencing Systems, Audiocodes Gateways, as well as Pargem, which is the system integrator. In 2005, Tayfun Türkalp founded Iletikom as  Management Consultant and Educator  He is active in various non-governmental organizations

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