Prof. Tania Sena

Master degree (Professora-Mestra)

Hello everyone,

I am Professor Tania Virginia Sena and I have been teaching for 18 years.  I have a Master degree in Public Health and Social Welfare, from Oslo University College (Norway).  I have a Postgraduate degree in Psychopedagogy and Neurocognition, and a graduate degree in Sociology. 

I have been studying  neurocognition and neuroscience of emotions for the past 10 years. In regards to VR for therapies, non-VR Apps and the brain wave monitoring, I have been doing many researches in addition to making investments to set-up my own equipment according to the demands of new technologies, in order to know how it is being used to treat disorders  such as: depression, phobias, stress, PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder), Parkinson, Alzheimer and  burn pain.

Now I am glad to share all knowledge that I have acquired by presenting you this course of Virtual Reality and Apps for therapies.

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