Tammy Adams

Local Small Business Coach & Instructor | Podcaster

Hi there! My name is Tammy Adams and like many of you, I am an entrepreneur. I too love to be my own boss and love running my own companies. Most importantly, I love helping others achieve their goals and dreams!

For over 25 years, I was part of Corporate America and then in 2008 I left to become a full time small business owner & entrepreneur. I have loved running my own businesses. Both of these experiences have given me wealth of knowledge I hope to continue to share with others. One of the greatest experiences of my life was being part of a major fortune 500 company (The Home Depot) during the early start up years through 22+ years of growth into one of the largest retailers. Working side by side with those that built the company, moving up the ranks from store, district, regional and Division positions has given me experiences & opportunities I would never trade. The massive experience in operations, merchandising, profit / loss , sales, service, human resources, training and development, marketing, you name it was more powerful than any college class could teach me. Nothing beats hands on, in the trenches training…..As long as you learn and grow from it!

My favorite role? Coach. Period. Nothing gave me more joy than helping others. I always said that the memory I left someone with would never be “boss” but one of a leader who helped them grow and achieve. Even as I went on to running my own businesses, I just couldn’t help myself, I remained a coach. Not only a coach to my own crew, but to other small business owners. Now I want to be one of YOUR Coaches!

Each week I share my knowledge on the Local Small Business Coach Podcast

My Mission: Create Businesses, Websites, & Blogs that help motivate, inspire, and coach people towards their goals and dreams!

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