Susan Bachner

Writer, Editor, Instructor

As a professional writer, my livelihood depends on being able to concentrate and write, no matter what the circumstances. I figured out the secrets to stomping out procrastination before it starts, concentrating anywhere, and writing what you love to write, and I'm excited to share them in my course: Not Later. Write Now!

As a C.U.N.Y. Adjunct Lecturer, I learned that I can create a curriculum for any idea or writing subject I want to teach, and can meet any student “where they are” on a learning spectrum.

My writing accomplishments include:

* Award winning playwright: Winner of the Strawberry One-Act Play Festival, Riant Theatre, NYC for the play “Gizzard Goes to the Beach,”and Finalist, annual play competition, Actor’s Repertory Theatre, NYC, for the play “Paper Doll.”

* Fellow in the Screenwriters Workshop of the Writers Guild of America East, NYC

* 5 feature length screenplays and 2 sitcom pilots, and I have screenwriting representation in Hollywood.

* Author of 4 sets of 5th grade leveled readers for Pearson Publishing; biographies of Chief Powhatan, Alexander Hamilton, Ulysses S. Grant, and Ida Wells-Barnett, which were published summer of 2011.