Susan Midlarsky

Go-To Person for Elementary and Middle Math Education

My teaching career began in 2002, and my experience now includes teaching in public school and several high-caliber private schools. In these schools, I taught academic, artistic, and elective courses to kindergarten through seventh grade. During several summers, I participated in educational programs designed to assist students in inner-city and low-income populations. I have been working in group tutoring settings and tutoring privately since 2002 as well.

In 2005, I started teaching Singapore Math; since that time, I have taught and/or tutored every level of Singapore Math from kindergarten through eighth grade. I also consult with public and charter schools, train teachers around the country and in New York through BOCES, and offer parent workshops in this method. Parents regularly approach me to request private tutoring or special programs like math parties. 

Early in 2013, I began professional curriculum writing. I worked with Six Red Marbles as an editor and writer for their homeschool manuals for middle school Math in Focus. Then in May, I signed on as a part-time writer with Great Minds, as part of the team writing the Common Core math curriculum for New York State titled Eureka Math. As the standards are influenced heavily by Singapore Math, I found my teaching experience to be helpful in this process. When the curriculum was completed, I moved into offering professional development in implementing the curriculum. I also consulted with Engineeius as a writing team leader at the elementary and high school levels for STEAM after-school programs. 

Another of my passions is creative writing. In 2010, my students and I published an anthology of their stories At the same time, I also published my first book, Butterfly from the Sky. I have several other children's and young adult books in process now.

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