Instructor Jacquelyn Louise

Artist, Dreamer, Crafter!

Jacquelyn Louise aka SugarPlumdolls creates arts and crafts project for all skill levels. In 2011 her dolls and crafts won 1st, 2nd and third place ribbons in the Alabama National Fair in Montgomery, Alabama. In 2010 I created a You Tube Channel for Arts and Crafts Projects clothespindolls with over 17,000 subscribers and millions of video and channel views. Jacquelyn has self-produced 100+ videos which cover a wide range of arts and crafts projects from the simple to the complex. Crafting is my favorite thing in the whole wide world (next to my family of course)! I believe it's a wonderful way to express one's creativity! Learn how to make wonderful, simple and easy arts and crafts projects. Handmade, homemade dolls , gardening, cooking and more! Bake, sew, craft and grow!

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