Sudhir Khollam

Guitar Coach

My Name is Sudhir Khollam, I am 32, and I have been playing Guitar since 2006. Have been part of a Rock Band, I have written and composed 8 Songs, performed on stages and have won a lot of prizes and praises. Today I am teaching about 30 students.

I am an Entrepreneur Primarily and I Own two Businesses. Guitar is my Passion and goes along my other passion, teaching. Teaching is a Passion and something that I want to keep doing because of the satisfaction I get when I see my students make progress and achieve results.

My Guitar journey began with a desire to impress friends and especially a girl I liked. But soon, the instrument and the music it created took over me. Very soon, it was no more about impressing others, it was all about expressing and finding myself.

By the way, I have also learnt Mridangam, also called as the Indian Drum, since I was 7 till I was 15.

I am based in Kalwa, Thane, Mumbai, Maharashtra, India. (Just for those who would like to know).

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