Stephen Lean

Author | Ebook Formatter | Website Designer & Copywriter

Hi, I'm Steve Lean and thank you for having a look at my course.

I am a website designer, a self-published author, a copywriter and an ebook formatter. I work full-time in the world of words, HTML, Javascript and Cascading Style Sheets.

Now, I know what you're thinking - and many of my friends have already said it - maybe I should get out more! They're probably right.

After the introduction of the Kindle Direct Publishing platform in 2008, I began to get requests from writers and authors about formatting their Kindle books. Back then very few people had much of an idea about how to go about it.

Since then I have formatted both fiction and non-fiction for a diverse range of author clients. The ebooks I format are designed to look good and work well on all ereaders.

In short, they look like books, not web pages, with all the typography and styling you would expect to see from any major publisher's paper product.

But what you really want to know is, why is my course different from anyone else's? Well here's a question for you: If you had a problem with the electrics in your house, would you call a plumber? No, I thought not.

So if you wanted to learn how to format your manuscript into html and epub files, who would be best to teach you? A fellow writer? A website designer? An ebook formatter?

What if you could call on someone who is all three of these things? Wouldn't that be the best of all options?

That's what I do. Every day.

I've designed this course to show you how easy it can be to do it yourself, and once you have this knowledge you can confidently format every book you write from now on.

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