Steve Flashman

Communications, Media & Business Consultant

Steve Flashman is a Business Development and Media Consultant. He has a long and successful track record as a professional communicator and has applied these skills in a variety of settings and business sectors. He has worked in television and radio as a programme presenter and travelled extensively as a singer-songwriter releasing a number of books and albums. As a Marketing Consultant he has generated £$millions worth of contract opportunities for various businesses. In the charity sector, he launched and managed an overseas development agency from scratch and turned it into one of the biggest Short Term Voluntary Aid Agencies in Europe, taking over 300 people of all ages from the UK to do humanitarian aid projects in 19 developing countries each year. In his media and communications career he has been involved in public speaking and presentations in a variety of settings and is used to speaking to large audiences or small groups using motivational speeches, business presentations, seminars and other public meetings. He is the founder and director of Community Choirs UK, developing his love for music and performance.

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