Steve Dougherty

Teacher, Online Marketer & WordPress Enthusiast

In order for me to help you, I need to first tell you a little something about me - so here goes...

Video Training Course Creator

I have been creating & selling video courses online since 2007. In 2008 I taught myself how to create a WordPress site and fell in love with WP on the spot.

My video courses are over-the-shoulder style screen capture videos so you can see me doing the tasks versus someone talking over a PowerPoint slide deck.

You simply watch what I do on the videos then do them yourself. Makes learning Fast & Easy!

Since 2008 I've created 100's of videos.

Many of what I've sold over the years were what are called Private Label videos. Businesses (and individuals) would purchase them and put their name on them as the creator. So while my name may not be known by many, my voice & teaching style is.

I love helping people.

My training videos are detailed to the point where I assume the student knows zero about the topic so the videos tend to answer all potential questions. If however, there are questions, I reply to those questions personally and within hours - NOT DAYS.

I pride myself on quality - quality videos as well as quality Customer Service.

So if you ever have a question, suggestion or comment, please let me know.

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