Stephanie Morrison

Entrepreneur, Full Time Traveler, Certified Yoga Instructor

Hello! I'm Stephanie Morrison, a Certified Yoga Instructor, Nutritional Therapist, Editor and Full Time Traveller. I have a first class Mathematics degree and experience in private tutoring, and teaching in schools. 

My main passions are personal-development, health and wellness, and of course travelling, as a means to continually face new challenges and new opportunities for personal growth.

I have been travelling full time for over two years now and have worked online in a range of areas, primarily as an editor and social media manager. I am currently working in partnership with 55 Secrets, a leading travel brand, creating and condensing our experience and expertise into practical, easy-to-learn Udemy courses. 

I am excited to share this learning experience with others and hope you find my Udemy courses both stimulating and highly valuable. Enjoy the learning process! 

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