Sivakami S

MBA, Experienced Business Leader, Research/Doctoral Scholar

Hello there! I am Sivakami.  (pronounced She-va-kaa-me)

I have done my MBA from IIM Bangalore, one of the top 10 Management Institutes in Asia, and a very prestigious brand in India. 
I then worked for 18+ years in several global multinational corporations like Verizon and Microsoft, setting up, growing and developing Teams, Businesses, Projects and Programs. As a successful and experienced business leader, I have led teams of more than 250 people. I have been in junior, middle and senior management roles. 

In 2015, I had to quit, due to commitments at home, and could only work part-time after that. 
That’s when my second career started, and it's been a very exciting one :)

Since then, I have been reading and researching extensively on the areas of Behavioral and Cognitive Psychology, Creativity and Innovation, Leadership Traits, as well as concepts in Philosophy, Probability, Statistics and Game/Decision Theory, especially as applicable to Leadership.

During my MBA, and from my 18+ years of Management and Leadership experience, as well as the various Leadership and Management trainings I have attended from best in class trainers and institutions, I slowly discovered that there was a big void in management and leadership practice, teaching and training.

Most of management and Leadership literature is written by people involved with successful businesses, people leading successful businesses or people who have looked at several successful (and not so successful) businesses. 

While this is certainly useful, it does leave a big void.  

There exists a huge and growing body of research and studies in Cognitive and Brain Sciences, Evolutionary and Behavioral Psychology as well as in Game Theory for studying conflict and cooperation.

There is lots of research on Creativity and Innovation, on human behaviour, how people judge and decide. There are fascinating studies on human moral behaviour, how emotion and reason affect our decisions, empathy, control and emotional intelligence, which are all key to leadership.

There is evidence that concepts in Philosophy can make leaders better in thinking rationally and avoid logical fallacies, how traits like Intellectual Humility are crucial to today’s teams and Leaders. There is also plenty of evidence on what works in influencing and persuading people, motivating them to achieve and deliver.

But none of that research is used.

I have had a personal interest in several of these fields since college and have been reading up extensively during my spare time since then. I realized how useful and applicable all that research was for management and leadership, and in every day life, to work in teams and interact with other people.

That’s what my Leadership Science Series of courses is all about. Utilizing my own experience as a successful business leader and my interests and research on the real science, research and studies behind the various aspects of Leadership.
Leadership Science is also the subject of my Doctoral Thesis. 

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