I have 20 years experience as a professional touring musician, playing by ear. 4 record contracts, Millions of youtube hits and appearances at major music festivals around the world. I'm currently doing a post grad in Education (Cambridge University) and I have 15 years experience of working with music and young people in very challenging circumstances - I know how to explain this stuff to people so they understand it :)

I'm a specialist in music technology, a sound engineer and producer as well as educator and musician. I've lectured on my methodology at a number of major UK university's including Cambridge University.

Playing an instrument has so many wonderful plus points. I've helped thousands of people to realise that actually even when they thought they couldn't that they can play an instrument. It's not an impossibility and the benefits of that on peoples sense of self and wellbeing, enjoyment, confidence and identity are enormous - be a musician it's a wonderful world of fun to be a part of.

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