I am graduated in Computer Science and work with information technology as a Software Developer. Science and technology are my favorite area.

I worked at the Federal Technical School of Sao Paulo teaching computer programming language during seven years. I taught at the university SANTA CECILIA DOS BANDEIRANTES (the same university where I graduated), teaching computer networks and programming language for over two years. I have a lot of experience in teaching and interacting with people, something that I really like.

I am also a veteran in R/C model airplanes. My father told me how to fly R/C airplanes when I was a kid and this experience became part of my life since then. I already had different types of R/C airplanes, cars and boats. Now I am involved with quadcopters and its technology.

About two years ago I started to build and fly quadcopters and I got very enthusiastic. I learned that is possible to build stable and reliable drones without spending too much money, assuring me lots of fun. I decided to share this knowledge through this course to help those who are interested in this wonderful hobby.

I am Increasingly innovating and learning more and more about multirotors technology, having a lot of fun with my quadcopters.

For me, flying multicopters is a healthy hobby and a great stress reliever.

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