Shaun Roundy

Author, Teacher, University of Love, Intuitive Healer

Shaun Roundy's cv reads like a character from an action-adventure movie. Alongside publishing ten books, he has taught writing to ten thousand university students, climbed mountains to 18,000 feet, sailed 2,500 miles through two oceans, speaks half a dozen languages, lived on four continents and a tropical island, saved dozens of lives as a member of an active volunteer Search and Rescue team, chaired the Mountain Rescue Association's Intermountain Region, been interviewed on NPR's All Things Considered, appeared in the Discovery Channel's "Raging Planet - Blizzards" and KUED's award-winning "Secrets of the Lost Canyon", along with many appearances on the evening news. The list goes on and on.

Shaun calls himself a "practical idealist," meaning that he continually innovates and seeks to apply high ideals in effective ways to make life - for himself and everyone else - the best possible experience.

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