Seaon Stylist-Bristol

Salsa/Latin Dance Instructor, Dancer & Choreographer

OnSean Zion/AKA Seaon has been a world traveling and well-known SALSA dancer, choreographer and instructor for more than 15 years. His unique dance styling ability and reputation, both as a leader and a follower, earned him the nickname Seaon "Stylist" - and it stuck. As an innovative dancer, OnSean's elegance, grace, and pure rhythmic interpretation is much admired and copied. As an instructor, his care and detailed attention to musicality, turn patterns, and footwork demands precision and concentration from his students. As a choreographer and performer, he routinely offers one-of-a- kind dance exhibitions whenever he appears. He has participated in many international SALSA festivals as a performer, choreographer, judge and instructor, including repeat appearances in many cities including Berlin, Hong Kong, New York, Paris, Las Vegas, Tokyo, Seoul, Los Angeles, San Diego, Miami and San Francisco.
OnSean (pronounced On-Shawn) is a true reflection of his innate talent and his upbringing. Born and reared in Georgetown, the Capital city of Guyana, he was always a natural singer and dancer and was much in demand as a soloist in church, even as a small child.  He moved to NYC as a teenager and began his professional singing and dance training in earnest. In addition to private coaching as a singer, he trained in dance with the Razz M Tazz Dance Company, the Eddie Torres Dance Company and many others.

Although Guyana is in South America, it is the only English-speaking country on the continent and it is more a part of the same cultural and geopolitical family as Trinidad, Barbados, Jamaica and the other English-speaking, Caribbean islands.  Nevertheless, thanks to the availability of movies and cd’s, OnSean became enamored of SALSA when he was very young through exposure to movies like “Dirty Dancing”, “Come Dance With Me” and “Salsa”

OnSean's newest project, "ROCK WITH YOU, The King of Pop LATIN Style" exposes his strong and beautiful singing voice and music styles and expands his scope and influence beyond the SALSA world into the world of legitimate stage musicals and values. You won't want to miss this metamorphosis.

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