Sean Moffett

Sales Success Expert

With 20 years of dominating the marketplace in his field Sean has identified the three things individuals and organizations do to force themselves into sales & business mediocrity. From this discovery Sean found himself driven by the desire to see other professionals and executives inspired, empowered, and transformed to become better than they ever imagined and to rise above mediocrity. Out of his passion, Sean launched The Moffett Company - a company focused on inspiring professionals as to why achieving their greatest success is vital and showing them how to create that success by employing his proven training technologies called The WOW Factor: Inspiration, Action, Results and 3E: Expertise, Execution, Experience. Corporations, Fortune 500 executives, professional athletes, the world's largest charitable organizations, entrepreneurs, and sales professionals all look to Sean for his inspiration, action, and results to develop their leadership, business, and sales excellence.

Sean was recently named the Top Sales Expert on Twitter and in the past year has developed a Social Media Empire with millions of networking connections on Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, Linkedin, and Google+. As the host of the popular “Moffett Message LIVE” weekly success broadcast Sean interviews the leading business and success experts from around the world. He is renowned worldwide as an electrifying speaker, master communicator, author, blogger, and excellence mentor. Sean’s message of sales excellence connects and inspires and will take you and your team to the greatest levels of success as well.


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