Skill Development and Coaching Sean Fyfe

Skill Development, Physiotherapist and Coaching Expert

For over 15 years I have been practising and teaching in the sports and health industry.  My background is as a Sports Physiotherapist, Masters Level Exercise Scientist and Level 3 High Performance Tennis Coach.  I have a passion in particular for improving skill acquisition practise across many sports and healthy child development.  In 2010, I founded, a company dedicated to educating parents, teachers and coaches to become more effective in helping kids of all ages develop skills.  We provide a range of online and offline educational services including a massive online database of video and article based educational content developed by over 20 different coaching and health professionals from around the world.  My past work experience includes national roles in tennis coaching, strength and conditioning and education, and achievements as a coach include coaching at the 2012 London Olympics, on the ATP tour as well as Junior World and Grand Slam Champions.  I firmly believe we can do a far better job at educating those with the potential to make long lasting differences in children's physical and psychological lives.  Advances in education, research and technology is what will allow us to achieve this. 

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