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Hey Friend!

In 2010, I founded Scribble Ink Story Consultancy - a social enterprise dedicated to mentoring writers throughout their creative process. Scribble Online is one of three core writing services delivered by Scribble Ink. It exists to provide writers of all ages, backgrounds and abilities with creative writing eCourses that are flexible, affordable and fun. Each nano course available is equivalent to a 1-2 hour workshop. A combination of two or more nanos enables you to submit work for AQA accreditation, or as part of an Arts Award qualification, but equally, a certificate of completion after finishing one nano is great for the resume, creative productivity and personal development! Enroll today and share the many experiences my London-based writers enjoy during live sessions.

I'm so glad you've chosen to invite me on your creative journey, and I look forward to supporting you! 

Best wishes,

Nadia Gasper, MA.

Scribble Ink: The Writers' Revelation Revolution.

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