Scott Asai

Career Coach helping reach your goals faster

As a Youth Pastor turned Career & Life Coach, I'm here to help you reach your personal and professional goals. I’ll help you determine and focus your strengths to reach your goals while helping you “get better at who you are.” With efficiency as my forte, I will create a system that personally fits you so you can work smarter, not harder. Not only will you have a reliable coach to keep you accountable with making strides toward success, you are guaranteed the following:

- A Personalized 'Action Plan'
- Working Smarter/More Efficiently
- A Boosted Confidence

It was my life coach who helped me determine my Top 5 Strengths (Relator, Individualization, Maximizer, Arranger and Strategic) and he helped me discover my career path while guiding me to achieve this dream. Coaching clients on a daily basis is my love and passion and I hope to partner and do the same for you.

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