Dr. Scott Simmerman

Creator of The Square Wheels Project

As Managing Partner of Performance Management Company since 1984, it's been great fun creating organizational development tools that help people focus on optimizing involvement, engagement and collaboration. I hold a doctorate in behavioral neurophysiology, have been consulting since 1978 and am a Certified Professional Facilitator by the IAF and a Certified Professional Trainer (IAPPD) with 30+ years of presenting experiences.

These Square Wheels cartoons are recognized globally as powerful tools for engagement and communications, since they are so easy to use. PMC's products support a global network of consultants and trainers doing employee engagement and organizational development activities to impact performance results. With our new Square Wheels Project, we are now going straight to the people who can benefit most from these metaphors and facilitated discussion.

If you would benefit by having some outstanding organizational development, facilitation or employee engagement tools, contact me. I can provide ideas and resources. Much of my approach is wrapped around my Square Wheels® illustrations, all stemming from Square Wheels One--a wagon rolling on Square Wheels with a cargo of round rubber tires. It is a fun way to look at how organizations really work!

Contact me!

Specialties: Collaboration, Teamwork, Dis-Un-Engagement, Innovation, Facilitation and Motivation are key frameworks for the tools I've developed and the approach we support. Memorable team building, leadership development, managing and leading change, motivating and involving people are some things you can do well using our simple tools.

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