REO Realtor/ Certified REO Coach Scott Matthews

Real Estate Agent, Entrepreneur, Automation Expert

My name is Scott Matthews and I'm striving to be an expert teacher and experimenter. For my day job, I am considered a residential and REO realtor, certified REO Coach and an entrepreneur. I specialize in information marketing and process automation. I have automated most of my business life which is moving me out of real estate and leaving me with more time to teach anyone who is willing to learn. My hobbies include, golf, weight lifting, daily meditation, daily learning sessions, wine drinking and trying every type of fad diet imaginable to extend longevity.  

The reason I try to automate any sort of money making activity is because I enjoy learning and trying new things more than making money. If money was a non factor/ not essential part life, I would spend all my time learning only things that interest me (Money making would probably not hit that list). Since that is not the case, I spend a large portion of my day trying to find more effective ways to make money without trading my time. I have come to find that many of my peers feel the same way, that is why I have come to Udemy. I am looking for a place to share my findings with the world, so they too can stop focusing on time trading for a dollar and focus on what you really want to do. 

I spend most of my down time trying to optimize my day and cut the fat of the minutia. I try to learn something from everyone, good or bad. My personality keeps me constantly moving, constantly trying to find a new life hack or trying to always improve. I find it hard to be satisfied with anything I can control seems to be one of my many flaws. One thing I find myself constantly working on is being more grateful for my environment, instead of constantly trying to change it. It's a work in progress...

Check out my courses, you might find something that interests you.  

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