Scott Jackson

Coach, Trainer, Pet Industry Expert, Outdoor Educator

My passion is training, inspiring and helping people reach their goals. I do this through online courses, podcasts, videos and other forms of media.

Pet Industry Insider with over 15 years in the pet industry and a lifetime pet owner of all types of pets.  I have been a wholesale distributor rep, retail store manager, store opener and other positions.  Dogs, cats, fish, birds reptiles and small animals - I have raised them all! 

Customer Service Trainer in large call centers and retail stores.  Have trained new customer service reps for inbound and outbound sales.

Videographer, Photographer, Author, Pod-caster and other media productions.

Avid Outdoors-man, Fisherman, Taxidermist, Survival coach who know how to enjoy the outdoors and nature.  Having the knowledge of how to survive is in that type of situation.

Self Defense Professional with a black belt in multiple styles of martial arts and holding numerous rankings in other self defense systems. 

Wood Sculptor, Woodworker and other forms of art media. 

Life Coach, Speaker, Spiritual Adviser.

I have been a professional in many different areas and that means I can pass on my knowledge to you.  Whether it is fishing or business related topics - you will learn what you need in order to be successful in that subject.

I teach in a easy to understand style that students enjoy and learn what they took the course for.

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