Sandor Maraczy

Microsoft Certified Software Engineer, Udemy Instructor

Sandor Maraczy is a Microsoft Certified Software Engineer. He became passionate about programming and automation in the beginning of college, where he studied Business Information Technology.

He first started to deal with programming in Java and C#, and he always felt, that he is interested in coding in more depth, so beside college he also improved himself at home. He found really good resources online, by a guy called John Sonmez, who inspired him. He learned to code step by step by actually doing it, so he could soon break into the field as a software engineer.

He also helped a lot to hiss classmates at college, where he got a lot of compliments for the way he explains basic programming concepts.

Today he is an Instructor on Udemy, because he believes, that through his simple examples, you will not only learn the purpose of the concepts, but also know, how they are worth to be utilized, when developing a software.

If you'd like to learn easily in small time, I encourage you to enroll to one of his courses today!

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