Chuck Millar founder of Lesson Pros (a MN based music lessons program), started as a performing artist, playing all over the United States at festivals, private & corporate parties, weddings, coffee houses & theaters. Being played on radio stations all around the world his success has led him into the hearts of millions. He has been featured in numerous newspapers articles, radio, television and magazines. He has won many competitions with his music, including countless 1st place titles in guitar, mandolin, fiddling and trick fiddling, plus placed in the MN State fair duet competition with his wife Sandi. Chuck's band No Grass Limit was nominated for 13 awards and took home 7 of them.

Chuck is described as a musical innovator who crosses musical genres and boundaries with his songs and music. Fans rave about his musicianship and he has been hired as the head instructor of the MBOTMA Grass Seeds Academy.

Chuck has currently taught over 3000 students of ages 4 to 98. Minnesota’s music culture has greatly been expanded and broadened, by the Chuck Millar, which is truly admired.

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