I Once was Lost

In 2003 I was among the walking dead. Though I was in rebellion and wanted nothing more than my own glory, Jesus snatched me from the grave, breathed life into me, and changed my life. A light shone into the darkness of my soul and created life. The gaping void in my soul was filled. All my sins and filth were cleansed and forgiven. I was given hope, identity, and purpose. I found the great treasure of the universe and I knew that I wanted to give my life to sharing this treasure with the world. That was over 11 years ago, and I am more in love with Jesus, because I know Him more. He has been so faithful to me. Never has anyone had a better lover, savior, king, doctor, and friend!

Quick Facts

  • Jesus has given me an incredible wife, who is my best friend and partner in ministry, and a delightful son, who is the apple of my eye!

  • Ever since I became a Christian, I have been telling and teaching people about Jesus. Naturally, the Lord led me to pursue ministry. I have formerly youth pastored in California and Georgia.

  • I did my Undergrad at Georgia State university and Eternity Bible College. In 2013, my family and I were led to Minnesota to attend Bethlehem Seminary for my Masters of Divinity and Masters of Theology. I am actively preparing for the day Jesus will give me the privilege of pastoring a church. My heart goes out to the lost of the world and I desire to train future leaders to delight in Christ and lead multiplying communities that will reach all peoples of the earth.

  • I am an avid student of how people learn. I am constantly trying to innovate and find better ways to teach and help people learn complicated things, in a simple and dynamic way.

My Guitar Journey

  • In 2004 I started to play guitar because I wanted to worship Jesus. I have been learning ever since and leading worship at churches and other venues. I have taught many students and have continually tried to perfect a simple, easy, and dynamic way to learn.

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