Sam Leoncini

Game Developer & Digital Artist

Hi I’m Sam Leoncini

I have a passion for video games… it feels like I have been playing them most of my life.

I went to school for computer programming, and currently work in the IT field. Although my current position does not allow me to make games, I still find time on my own to work on personal projects.

I am a small indie developer, and I focus on simple mobile and casual style games. I have published multiple games with massive publishers like Big-Fish, as well as other casual games portals, and mobile outlets.

My main focus is adventure games, specifically with fantasy based themes. I have worked on large online adventure games, but my true love is small simple but fun indie style games, large projects with teams of developers just does not offer me the same feeling of accomplishment as building a game and all of its components by myself from concept to compiled executable.

I am skilled in 3D modeling and texturing, but my primary game assets now a days are simple vector art graphics. With the barrier of entry into vector art being so simple for non-artists, it allows an indie developer an outlet to generate their own artwork in a timely and cost efficient manner. As mobile platforms continue to grow, the ability for simple yet fun and addictive phone and tablet games to come to market grows with it, currently the sky is the limit.

Hopefully I can use my acquired skills, and pass along some of the tips, tricks and techniques I have learned over time, to help others that may be starting out in the field of game art as well as programming.

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