Sam Brown

Reality Engineer, An Architect of the Future of Humanity

Although an engineer by trade, I've been a student of personal development and metaphysics for 13+ years. After years of frustration with the sometimes linear perspective in personal development, I made a conscious shift to adopt a more integrative lifestyle which yielded significant results.

Nothing moves me more than being fully engaged in life and operating from the highest perspective of thinking and being. I have a natural affinity for enquiry and creative expression which serves my passion for designing ‘mind tools’ and programs that help people change their lives with minimal effort.

As a Co-Architect of the Greater Life 4 All initiative, I’m designing simple mind tools that help push humanity forward. Our aim is to create a collaborative effort that focuses on the people, possibilities, and the solutions for shaping a smarter, more regenerative world for the better.

Currently I’m on the precipice of implementing an early education initiative that builds on metaphysical principles and practices while teaching students key technological skills to advance necessary life skills along with future career potential.

The world is changing faster than ever before and what’s need more than ever is people exercising their full potential in their thinking, creating, and doing. I look forward to creating a world of change with you!

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