Sam Capizzi

Cryptocurrency educator and investor!

Hey guys, my name is Sam Capizzi. I am a host of an informational YouTube Channel about new up and coming technology and financial analysis in the Blockchain space. I live in the United States.  I went to school to become a Chemical Engineer.  I worked for two years in controls and automation while simultaneously getting my license in Real Estate.  I quit both jobs to travel the world for nearly a year.  During my travels, I fell in love with the concept of cryptocurrencies and the problems they solve. I have been in the cryptocurrency space for 3 years prior to starting an educational and Blockchain awareness YouTube channel. My goal is to teach you everything I have learned and experienced in this crypto industry.

I have social proof and credibility in each subject area I teach, and I teach using extremely simple to follow tutorials.  I don't just use slides and teach theory, I show you exactly the steps you need to follow to make things easy to replicate for you. 

I also host an informational YouTube Channel about new up and coming technology and financial analysis in the Blockchain space.

My subject areas are:

Cryptocurrency - How to fund your retirement through cryptocurrency investing

Social Media Marketing - I own a social media marketing agency, Caviar Clientele

Online Advertising - YouTube advertising, Facebook Ads, Google Ads, Landing Pages

Health & Wellness - How to stay healthy both physically and mentally

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