Saeed Rajan

Publisher, Professional Marketing Strategist, and Consultant

World traveler, systems specialist, and outsourcing guru.

Saeed is an escapee from his 7-year career as an actuarial analyst. Fed-up with his 9-5 life, Saeed took the leap to freedom from the workplace, and has learned everything needed to help others do the same

A professional in breaking systems down to their minute tasks and reconstructing them to become automatic and passive-income generating systems.

He owns a paid advertising consulting firm, managing over $75,000/month in ad spend for several women coaches around the world.

Saeed started a publishing business from scratch to create over 400 original titles in both digital and paperback versions.

His current passive cash-flow allows him to focus on his passions in food, sports, and teaching others who feel imprisoned by their 9-5 jobs.

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