Rosie Parsons

Award winning photographer at Rosie Parsons Photography

Photography can feel like a really complicated hobby. There’s nothing more frustrating than having a beautiful camera, but not knowing how to get the best from it.

As an award winning professional photographer with ten years experience running my own business at Rosie Parsons Photography, it brings me so much joy to get feedback from students who say how my courses have finally helped them understand their DSLR. I love to inspire and encourage people with their cameras in their photography journey!

My work has been published in OK! Magazine, Digital Photo Pro, Cosmo Bride, You & Your Wedding Magazine and on the cover of Professional Photographer, among others. I love shooting photography for Shutterstock and I’ve enjoyed sharing my photography tips as an invited expert for Photobox.


Feedback on my work and photography courses:

"I found Rosie's photography course insightful, fun and inspiring. Her informal manner made the lessons feel like I had invited a friend round to teach me the basics, and as a result, I think I digested the bite size tips more quickly. I feel like I've learnt a lot about photography in a very short space of time thanks to her clear communication and obvious talent. The fact that I can dip in and out of the videos at my leisure made the whole experience easy and enjoyable."

- Nicola Moyne, Marie Claire Magazine

"Rosie's photography jumps out at me, amongst a sea of the many photographers out there, because her material is genuine, heartfelt, spontaneous and I just love how she captures moments. Her content, subjects and framing are spot on, and the colours always so vivid. They make me feel as though I am right there. I'm excited that she has started a photography course which will spread her knowledge, and teach how to shoot the way she does!"

- Amanda Byram, TV presenter Total Wipeout

"Rosie has always been full of ideas and innovations, and her photography reflects this. She’s very much one of the leaders in her field."

- Terry Hope, Commissioning Editor, Photo Pro Magazine

"I love Rosie's candid, joyful style. The ordinary becomes beautiful and meaningful thanks to her use of colour and light and her talent for framing a shot. She has a knack of bringing sunshine to every image and that's what we wanted conveyed in our wedding photography - the happiness of the day. Rosie absolutely delivered on this and we were thrilled with the results!"

- Katie Appleton, European Consumer PR Manager, Canon


If you'd like to improve your photography, I would absolutely love to be the one to help you!

I look forward to seeing you on one of my courses soon :)

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