Rosanna Montoute

Educational Technologist

Moto: Leveraging Human Performance and Educational Technologies for meaningful and purposeful outcomes. I have a passion for learning, teaching and imparting knowledge. What inspires me, and is also the most rewarding to me as an educator? It’s observing the “aha” moments on my students’ faces when they have made a new discovery or created something new. I founded a new company called Training As A Service Academy (TAASA). The mission of TAASA is to deliver both traditional and online training and educational consultation services to individuals and companies worldwide. Specifically for the Udemy platform, I developed the Did You Know! Do It Yourself (DIY) course series. The course series includes: WordPress, LinkedIn, Facebook, Google+, Twitter and Pinterest. The objective of the Did You Know! Do It Yourself (DIY) series of courses is to teach others that it is possible to create and maintain their own online presence with little or no money by using available tools and resources and investing a bit of time. I got involved with social media starting with LinkedIn in 2004 and WordPress in 2005 followed by Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and several others. My primary reasons for using social media were to learn, teach and educate. Over the past two years I have been a Social Media Management Instructor at a leading community college and looking to host such in-class workshops internationally in 2015. My educational background includes an undergraduate degree in Human Relations; Certificate in Adult Education; and a Certificate in College and University Teaching. I design, develop, implement and evaluate the following skills development courses: Interpersonal Relationship, Leadership, Team Work, and Customer Service. I authored an eBook titled: “16 Essential Tips for Moderating Virtual Classroom Events”. It was published in 2013 and is available for purchase on Amazon. An online course of the eBook with the same title is currently being developed and will be available for purchase on Udemy in the spring of 2015.

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