Rosalee Laws

CEO, Ambassador, Multipreneur and Renaissance Woman

Rosalee Laws is a Renaissance woman, a polymath, whatever term you wish to use, she is someone who knows a lot about a lot of things. But even a greater test, she can do ALOT. As an expert in modern communications technology (advising various United Nation’s entities on global communications); a poet (her first poetry book Out Of Winter was published in 2007); and a model/actress turned photographer (2 Disney films, 1 Bon Jovi video, Audio slave video, multitudes of photography shoots) she has accomplished more than enough for one lifetime. She is a Renaissance woman, leader, artist, photographer, poet, has flown airplanes, been in sword fights, and has practiced Wing Chun Kung Fu, is a craft enthusiast, baker, committed to peace and interfaith work and is a self taught technology genius. Rosalee Laws was made an ambassador to the Parliament of the World’s Religions for New York City in 2009 and sat on the advisory board to Monks Without Borders. Although Rosalee comes with this array of impressive credentials and a diverse work history in multiple industries, she believes that her greatest life lessons have come from unexpected moments of every day living.

Before founding Renaissance Omni Solutions Enterprises and becoming a multi-preneur and consultant, Rosalee worked for the Religions for Peace International Secretariat, within the United Nations. Religions for Peace is an NGO in consultation status to the United Nations, which advises the White House through President Barack Obama’s Inter religious Dialogue and Cooperation Task Force, and is a major key player in their own and various United Nations efforts on violent conflict resolution, women’s and children’s issues , HIV/ Aids, human development, and environmental programs. The International Secretariat, coordinates all the international activities and projects of the organization in more than ninety three states around the world. Rosalee served as Digital Engagement Manager and Communications Advisor to secretary general, Dr. William Vendley. She was the first member hired solely for a new online engagement initiative within the secretariat which had the goal to modernize online communications for the whole global organization. Prior to this role, Rosalee was a Production Manager for Talkpoint Communications, which is an industry leader in the production of large, live, internet broadcasts, educational webinars, and events for fortune 500 companies, international corporations, and government agencies such as Microsoft, UBS, Morgan Stanley, Defense Daily, Teamstudio, AMA, and the FDA. Prior to this, she served the Associated Press as a Marketing Specialist and Special Global Assignments Coordinator, where she coordinated photo shoots all over the world and participated in multiple photography and marketing activities for the Associated Press.

Because money was scarce while growing up, came from hard violent circumstances within the family and a one parent household, Rosalee started working at the age of 14. In the beginning she worked in the food service industry, ice cream shops, fast food, sandwich shops, grocery stores and waitressing. During high school she worked administratively in a gasket manufacturing company and babysitting for multiple families. Her studies in college (both online and offline) were Psychology and Anthropology, with minor studies in business Entrepreneurship. She worked multiple part-time jobs simultaneously (art gallery assistant, model, actress, nutrition center, nanny, substitute teaching, painting dorm rooms for Rowan University, funeral home administration, and surveillance agent) to sustain herself through college. Eventually, she was promoted from her surveillance activities to Director of Department of Surveillance for Count On Us, directly from college. So as a spy turned executive, she ran special projects included ongoing surveillance efforts, mostly for private business owners, national coordination of surveillance agents/spotters, project development, and coordination of special events. A few of her special projects included a project for non-profit Oak Charter school, a successful project campaign in surveillance of sales of tobacco to minors in a major chain company 60+ locations in 5 days, and special project development and proposals for the mayor and city of Toledo, OH. She left this position after being with the company for six years, to move to New York City.

She became a completely self-taught expert in communications, web design, development, marketing and photography. She never abandoned outside interests, creativity, and projects. Her interest in music and singing is still existent and strong, stemming from her being put on stage to sing when she was 3 years old. Rosalee also has an extensive background working with education and children, being a part time nanny for a hand full of families, a substitute school teacher for Glassboro, New Jersey school district, private projects for the Educational Resources Center in Glassboro New Jersey, assistant teacher at Free to Be Child Care Center, and consultant at Children Against Assault Prevention and was a big sister for Big Brothers Big Sisters. Her interest in real estate also propelled her to get a real estate license in 2001 and become a notary public.

Rosalee’s interests in inter-religious dialogue and understanding stems from her life of exposure to many different religions, her father was a Southern Baptist but almost full Cherokee Native American, her mother a Methodist, most friends in school growing up were Christians, her next door neighbors were New Age Christian, and her partner is Buddhist. All throughout life she had a fascination with studying religions, their history, and has occasionally attended services and rituals to experience them when appropriate. Because of this interest and personal connection with multiple faiths, she will always continue to promote respect for all peoples and inter-religious peace. Her intense knowledge of health, alternative medicines and wellness comes from being diagnoses with Fibromyalgia in 2001 and officially with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome in 2008. She has self studied wellness tactics to help herself live well, in balance and a healthier overall life despite these conditions.

Through her new company Renaissance Omni Solutions Enterprises (ROSE), Rosalee has brought the array of experiences together and the many interests which she has and synergized to form the online educational programs which (R.O.S.E.) offers.

In every role Rosalee Laws brings her creativity, and overlaps the multitudes of experience from each industry, and each discipline. She has learned that when maneuvered with willingness and grace, happiness is possible regardless of the circumstances and that a certain magic unfolds that brings one from experience to experience. She now resides in New York City, and delights in every details as she attempts to laugh often, love well, and leave a lasting legacy of connecting to the lives of others while trying to make those lives better.

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