Ron Masa

Psychologist, Artist, Freelancer

Ron Masa, Ph.D. is a Psychologist, Artist, Freelancer and Teacher. His classes are always information-rich, tightly scripted, and visually interesting. (Not your one plain slide class!)  A former TV Director and Producer, Ron adds soul-nourishing production quality to interesting topics that make a huge difference in your life. All his  classes seek to offer real psychological value to you.

Dr. Masa retired from his 30-year private practice in Jungian Psychotherapy and Dream-work. He taught graduate courses at UCLA, Michigan, and Naropa University. He also taught hundreds of classes and workshops and wrote many articles and columns on Dream-Work and the use of the I Ching.

He was a TV Director for KVOA TV, Tucson, Arizona and Director of the Silverlake Residence of Boys Republic in Los Angeles, before earning a double Ph.D. (Psychology and Social Work) from the University of Michigan (1981).

Dr. Masa has also studied extensively with practicing shamans from North and South America. Artistically, he has sold over 100 stone sculptures and 1,000 small paintings. Throughout his long career, three elements have been central: psychology, art, and teaching.

Now “Dr Ron” is combining these elements to create artistically-flavored lectures with solid psychological insights and practical solutions. He is the founder of the "University of Yourself" whose mottoes are "Helping You Hear the Guide Inside" and “Find Yourself, Express Yourself.”

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