Rohit Sethi

Self-Enrichment Author | Business Consultant | Results Coach

Born and raised in New Delhi, Rohit was 15 when he read his first self-help book. He got intrigued by the principles and techniques and since then, he started on a journey of his own – a journey into the world of self-help/ personal development, to identify those fundamental principles that explain the difference in the quality of people’s lives.

Passionate about people for ~20 years now, Rohit has read 300+ books in the areas of psychology, philosophy, leadership, motivation, coaching, and entrepreneurship, and attended seminars from world renowned inspirational speakers. Over the years, Rohit absorbed and applied the principles, tools and strategies in his own life, and found them to be extremely effective. The techniques helped him appreciate his own unique gift of being able to detach from a situation and see it from a distance both for himself and for others, putting him in a unique situation to coach others. Rohit published author of two self-enrichment books, “Begin with ‘I’” (2015) and “Acing the Quarter-life” (2016).

Rohit has been an extraordinary academic achiever and holds B. Tech (Electronics and Communication) from the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Roorkee and MBA from the Faculty of Management Studies (FMS), Delhi University. Rohit has been working with top-tier management consulting firms for 9 years across Middle East, Europe and Asia. Rohit has travelled to 35 countries, is a trained life coach and gives motivational talks in his free time.

Rohit is now based in India and splits his time between New Delhi and Bengaluru.

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