Rodrigo San Miguel

Data Scientist & Economist

I graduated from my Bachelor Degree in Economics in 2009 which I studied in the Universidad Regiomontana,  and I'm currently pursuing my M.S. in Systems Engineering. I have been studying Data Science since 2008 when I had my first course in Econometrics, I started helping my friends in subjects related to statistics.
I worked for many companies such as (Xerox, Binbit, AutoZone, Steelcase, Epicor and more) where I applied mathematical and statistical models.

My favorite part of analyzing data is the thinking process, I believe is better to think about how to use the information instead of thinking in which algorithm we should try.

I really enjoy reading and I highly recommend books like Freakonomics and Thinking, Fast and Slow. 

Now I'm an independent data scientist consultant.

I hope you enjoy my courses,

Kind regards! 

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