Rob Hills

Speaker, Instructor, Coach, Learning & Development Expert

Rob Hills is a Mindful Leadership Trainer whose passion is helping people learn mindfulness techniques for work and for home. He is currently a training consultant at Wisdom Learning.

Rob has been working in learning and development for the last 16 years. During that time he has delivered to thousands of participants both in Australia and around the world. With 10 years in the Royal Australian Air Force and 10 years with the Australian Federal Police, Rob has developed a solid understanding of what is required to develop the best of the best!

Early in Rob’s career he served in the Air Force as a Communications Analyst in the field of Intelligence. He built up an excellent reputation for his leadership and management skills that saw him rapidly rise though the ranks. He now teaches those skills to others in a way that is both easy to understand and implement.

Rob is a closet tech geek, proud introvert and father of two boys. He is a Professional Instructor, Coach, Blogger and is currently writing his first book. Through his programs and coaching he helps people to achieve their best results and learn more about themselves.  

He is a passionate life long learner and loves inspiring others to reach their full potential.

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