Rick Briamonte

Professional Sales and Business Consultant

The Master Sales Training Course covers the more advanced methods of selling products or service.  It was developed with the guidance and expertise of some of the most respected Sales Trainers in the world.  Taking an empirical approach to learning - that is "by doing" - combined with classroom study of the Sales Theory behind each action, provides a fully-integrated and well rounded experience in the profession of selling. 

After earning a degree in Business and Economics, and advanced study at the masters level in Personnel, Mr. Briamonte continued his training with some of the most influential trainers in the United States. 

Beginning his career in business machines sales at a Fortune 500 company in New York more than 30 years ago, Mr. Briamonte moved onto education and advertising, and eventually settled on developing his own businesses including full service restaurants, manufacturing, art and financial publishing, computer supplies, real estate, time share, mortgage lending, fine art galleries, framing and printing, construction and eventually corporate business consulting. Each of these endeavors added to his knowledge dealing with every type of client and experience through tens of thousands of sales presentations.

In addition, he was among the first class to complete the Master Trainer's Class developed at R.I.E.T and designed to train professional trainers for the National Retail Association.

As a student of business, economics and technology, he has constantly updated his knowledge base of the latest methodologies with a special interest in the psychology of human motivation. The course was developed in response to his consulting business and desire to provide a platform for advance selling strategies.

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