Richard Odessey

Helping Businesses raise Private Capital

Dr. Richard Odessey, Owner & CEO of HomeFriend Properties, Inc., has a diverse educational, financial and real estate background.

After graduating from MIT, Richard obtained his Ph.D. at Harvard, and had an illustrious career as a Professor of Physiology at University of Virginia and LSC Medical Center, publishing over 35 original manuscripts and books.

He then used his scientific skills in the exploding biotech industry where his research resulted in the awarding of 3 patents, and he later went on to help raise capital for and helped found a biotech company.

During his work in the biotechnology industry, Richard moved from research and development to exploring clinical applications.He became a Senior Project Manager and managed Clinical Trials for several major pharmaceutical companies.

At heart, Dr. Odessey is an entrepreneur, and was drawn to investing in real estate.For the past 15 years, Dr. Odessey has work in almost every type of real estate deal including:

Foreclosures and Bankruptcies

Extensive Renovations and Modernization Techniques


Property Leasing and Lease Options

Private Financing of Real Estate and Start up Ventures

He has also been sharing his entrepreneurial knowledge by founding his own company HomeFriend Properties Inc. whose mission is to teach entrepreneurs how to successfully invest in real estate, market and raise capital for their deals.

In course of developing his company, Richard has become an accomplished internet marketing and has over 20,000 subscribers to his websites, and Odessey, is known and respected throughout the industry, and even some of the gurus have studied his methods.

Currently Richard has established a consulting service that excels in setting up deals between private investment sources and real estate and business entrepreneurs.His consulting expertise focuses on primarily:

1)Sourcing both equity investments and loans for commercial real estate entrepreneurs purchasing property

2)Sourcing buyers for commercial property such as hotels.

3)Sourcing product for commercial real estate investment groups (including residential REO's)

4)Sourcing investors for gold mining, energy, and communications ventures, and expansion of cash-flowing businesses

5)Coaching entrepreneurs on raising private money

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