Richard Marly


I have lived and studied and taught all over the world, and I have always been constantly searching for new ways to achieve learning objectives, especially with languages, and concentrating on English, which is now recognized as the World Language by all countries on this planet (sorry France, lol) I currently live in China, where I teach teachers how to teach and students how to learn English using the new iMagicEnglish method.

I was always convinced that there was a common link between all languages, and over a period of years, studying language per se, I finally discovered the commonality I had been searching for. From this, I developed a new method of learning a new language, which means that now it is possible to learn English or French, or any language, without hard study, without trying to remember anything and without any translation required inside the head.

Seemingly an impossibly goal, on the face of it, I came to China, the perfect place to test this new method. iMagicEnglish did, indeed, seem to work like magic, with my very first student winning first prize for speaking English in her first year at Hunan University. I realized that educational establishments seemed to have forgotten WHY they teach English, which of course is to achieve the first and final objective of being able to COMMUNICATE in the English-speaking world, NOT first to be able to pass exams and get high grades and to study grammar and build vocabulary.

The goal of the iMagicEnglish method is to enable students of all ages to be able to FEEL COMFORTABLE SPEAKING AND UNDERSTANDING ENGLISH, VERY VERY QUICKLY, WITHOUT HARD STUDY, WITHOUT HAVING TO TRY TO REMEMBER ANYTHING AND WITHOUT HAVING TO TRANSLATE INSIDE THEIR HEADS! iMagicEnglish has now been tested in China, very thoroughly, with quite amazing results. It is my intention to spread the word about this method of learning throughout the educational establishments in China, and eventually throughout the world - changing the face of language learning methodology forever.