Rahsoft RF Certificate Irvine, California

Radio Frequency Engineering Certificate

Ata Sarrafi

RF and Analog Design Engineer at Rahsoft

Doctorate Candidate in RF Engineering, Ata has a proven track of Analog and Radio Frequency Integrated Circuit Design. Ata works on Rahsoft's RF Certificate to include the most updated criteria in the courses.

Ata is an RF design engineer at Rahsoft and an Electronics engineering graduate with specialization in Radio Frequency and Analog/Mixed Signal Design. He is experienced with designing various classes of integrated CMOS power amplifier. He has designed and fabricated different types of Low Noise Amplifier such as low power, variable gain and UWB LNA and voltage controlled oscillator.

Ata completed his bachelor’s degree in University of Tabriz in Iran in the field of electronics engineering then he moved to Turkey to continue his education in Bogazici University. He started his master’s degree with focus on Analog/mixed signal IC design. He gained a lot of experienced in design tunable analog blocks in both schematic and layout level. He started PhD in the same school with doing research on RF circuits and since that time, it has been 3 years that he is doing RF research and design. In 2016, He was offered an opportunity from Rahsoft Company to design and produce RF modules with specialization in power amplifier design. In addition to an eventual goal of producing a full RF course in Rahsoft.

Ahsan Ghoncheh

Technical Adviser and Board Member at Rahsoft

Ahsan is Founder and Technical Adviser at Rahsoft. He has worked on the latest technologies in the top semiconductor companies, Broadcom and Qualcomm. His expertise is in RF System, RF Test mainly working on WLAN and Bluetooth RF Characterization . Transceiver, Switches, WLAN and Bluetooth Chips Ahsan as a team member has worked on  many devices and projects which results can be found most devices in any home or office and has ended up being used in development of products of  companies such as Apple., Samsung, Panasonic,LG , Amazon and Google. He also has a great portfolio in the Aerospace and has been a member in the design team working on hardware designed to be used in the Consumer Aircraft of different airlines.

He has also is the founder of Rahsoft which is a multi-functional company active in Application Development , Hardware and Software, with over 15 Applications and hardware available in the App Stores and market, Staffing Services servicing startups in the Orange County Area,Career Coaching as Well as Professional Education. The Professional Education Division has had over 1200 students enrolled and is one of the few complete online and onsite RF Certificates in the industry.

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