Peter Sekula

Art Director: Quantum Theory Entertainment

My name is Peter Sekula and I've been an experienced Senior Environmental Artist for over 12 years. In that time, I've worked on industry titles such as the Tom Clancy's: Ghost Recon series, Rainbow Six series, Far Cry 4, and most recently Tom Clancy's: The Division.

I'm also the founder of my own game development company, "Quantum Theory Entertainment."

I've always had a fondness for well crafted environmental art; be it traditional or digital, 2D or 3D. Composing objects in a scene and lighting them in interesting ways is immensely enjoyable to me. If one can create a sense of wonder and curiosity in the viewer, they've captured them and can guide them on an interesting journey through visual storytelling.

As an Art Director in the game industry, I feel it's paramount to creatively illustrate game design intentions through art. One must always support the other. Then, create a visual style or language that draws the viewer into the world, beckoning them to dig deeper. This language, or rule set, is also used by the entire art team so they too can understand and better execute the direction even with their own ideas.

My interest started with toying with 3D software at home, then taking that interest further in college. This growing desire for more led me to an Environmental Artist position at Ubisoft where I designed and created maps for some of the most well known games in the industry. These skills then led me to a position of Lead and eventually Art Director, developing style guides and art direction for unannounced games for console platforms.

Composing scenes from the camera's perspective, texturing them to get a high level of detail, then illuminating the scenes are skills that I greatly enjoy and continue to this day. Anyone who is interested in critiques, feedback, or advice can feel free to message me.

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