Pouya Eatemadi Rad

Business Consultant , CMO , Programmer , Designer

I'm Pouya and i spend almost all my life working hard and learning new things to bring myself closer to my goals . But success doesn't come easy , in fact if it was easy everybody was successful right now . I can say i'm on the right path . Anyway let's get to my biography .

I born on October 1990 and i lived with my family until i became 17 . during these years i have started to learn and practice a lot on 3d design for many years . When ever i wanted to rest i was making something 3d . Our family business is about meat production and it is very successful . After i became 17 years old i traveled to another country to continue my study in architecture . Again while i was studding architecture i was also interested in other fields like several musical instrument and composing music . I released my first musical album on December 2010 . 

After i graduated from university i imminently found job as 3d designer in an American company , actually it's better to say they found me . before my graduation i was working on several 3d projects and that company saw my work and they where very interested in working with me . They were a mobile game company and for the first time i was able to see what programmers do actually . This field attracted me a lot and i started  my own company with my brother which name was " Dot Games " we started creating simple games but i saw something was missing there and that was business knowledge . So i started to look for answers to improve our work and our sales and finally i met my first mentor and a new chapter in my life opened . 

i was learning from my mentor almost around 2 years , i have learned a lot and what ever he thought me in business and life changed everything for me and our company . our sales increased to a whole new level . The quality of my life changed . Over all these years i practiced a lot to be a better designer , programmer and entrepreneur . The reason i joined Udemy was that i wanted to share all these knowledge with people who really need it . I didn't find all these knowledge and experience easy and it was so hard for me to get here , but i want to help all the people out there who want to change their lives , to become successful at their business .

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