Ponny SH Lam, also known as the “Career Stylist”, is a pragmatic idealist who believes each of us has a calling as unique as a fingerprint. It's her personal mission to inspire and empower YOU to discover your true potentials, because by bringing out the best in everyone, together we can contribute to the greater good.

She enjoys seeing people shine in their own light. With almost 10 years serving companies and university in Recruitment, Training, Talent Development and Career Advising, Ponny accumulated her expertise in helping talented professionals find and excel in satisfying careers in their own terms.

Are you a multi-passionate learner too? Ponny embraces her curiosity in Coaching, Positive Psychology, Image Styling, Mindfulness, Mind-Body Connections, Neuroscience, Chinese Medicine Wellness, Productivity Hacks etc and integrates them into her training after experimenting them herself. 

Ultimately, whatever works! 

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