"All heroes start somewhere. Let me support and empower you in your journey."

Hi there, my name is Ponny. I believe that each of us has a calling as unique as a fingerprint. It's my personal mission to inspire and empower YOU to discover your true potentials, because by bringing out the best in everyone, together we can contribute to the greater good.

With the individual-centric approach to career management, you will be empowered by the autonomy and flexibility in making your career planning and decisions in alignment with your values and life preferences.

Throughout my decade-long careers in serving multinational companies and university in Recruitment, Training, Talent Development and Career Advising in Hong Kong, I've been building my expertise in helping talented professionals find and excel in fulfilling careers on your own terms.

I would love to hear from you! Write to me if you have any questions, stories or insights about career development.

You might also like to check out my latest Kindle eBook: 
Job Interview Handbook for Graduates: Winning Job Offers with Zero Work Experience

Wishing you all a Blissful Career & Life!

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