Tom Weber

Memory Recall Training Expert, Course Instructor/Co-Owner

Tom got his start building his own business selling books door-to-door. He was breaking sales records, and leading award winning teams in college. Out of school he got lost backpacking in Australia, and found himself. Then worked in the dotcom boom/bust until he got serious about his life’s purpose and started speaking for a living in 2001.

Now, with over 12,000 presentations to his credit, Tom has discovered a strong sense of what works. It’s not about theory - it’s about reality. You will enjoy his teaching, but you will be more amazed at yourself - because you will be able to do things you did not think possible.

Tom’s Purpose: “to expand horizons”. That’s why he takes on adventures like scuba diving, mountaineering, gorilla trekking, Ironman racing, and occasionally leaping out of perfectly good airplanes - to expand his own horizons. When you are with him, you will find your horizons expanding too.

Tom lived in Chicago for a decade before relocating back to his home state of Iowa with his invincible wife Peggy, their superhero children & the legendary hound Wilson.

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